Deception Services

Build sophisticated decoys to lure threat-actors into blowing their cover. Improve your visibility into initial malicious activity.

In the evolving cybersecurity landscape, finding new methods to outsmart online adversaries empowers your organization. Trustlink Technologies introduces our Deception Services, utilizing sophisticated decoys to lure threat actors into revealing their true intentions.

Partnering with Fortinet:

By implementing a solution like FortiDeceptor, Trustlink Technologies brings you one step closer to a truly proactive cybersecurity strategy, with detection and response to in-network attacks.

  • Strategic Decoy Development: Deception Services rely on the development of decoys placed within your network. These decoys mimic real assets, prompting threat actors to interact with them and reveal their presence.
  • Irresistible to Threat Actors: Decoys are created to appear as legitimate as possible to potential adversaries. By mimicking genuine scenarios, threat actors are enticed to interact with the decoys, thereby exposing themselves to our expert security team.
  • Proactive Defense Mechanism: The importance of security is often neglected until a breach occurs. The use of strategic decoys enables the detection and neutralization of threats before they infiltrate your organization.
  • Adaptive Deception Strategies: Trustlink Technologies utilizes a state-of-the-art system that learns from interactions with threat actors and adversaries. Your organization can evolve alongside its threats; it is continuously being refined and improved.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • Visibility & Accelerated Response: Integrates with Fortinet Security Fabric and third-party security controls (SIEM, SOAR, EDR, sandbox)
  • Insider Threat Detection: Reduces dwell time and false positives, detects early recon & lateral movement to misdirect attacks
  • Forensics & Threat Intelligence: Captures and analyzes attack activities in real time, provides detailed forensics, collects IOCs & TTPs
  • Quarantined/Unquarantined Attacks: Infected endpoints can be quarantined away from the production network
  • Optimized for OT/IOT/IOMT: Operates in online/air-gapped (offline) modes and a ruggedized version is available
  • Easy Deployment & Maintenance: Asset-match decoys are automatically deployed with no impact on stability and performance


Why Choose Trustlink Technologies?

At Trustlink, we're not just providing services; we are delivering a promise of reliability, performance, and security. We are dedicated to protecting your organization through expertly crafted decoys and continuous improvement. With Trustlink as your partner, you're not just keeping up with industry standards – you're setting them.

Ready to Elevate Your Deception Services?

Take your digital experiences to the next level with Trustlink's Deception Service. Protect your organization and prevent infiltration by adversaries. Trust in technology, trust in Trustlink.

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